Pickup and Drop Off Procedures

Safety at Drop-off and Pick-ups

Safety is our primary concern at Springbrook.  Each day we have 650 students coming and going, and we appreciate your patience and civility as families do their best to navigate the busy, high traffic times.

  • Leave home early and account for the wait time that naturally occurs at drop-off and pick-up.
  • Have your students have their backpacks ready NEXT to them in the car, and not in the trunk – this will keep the drop-off line moving quickly.
  • Parents please do not exit the car when dropping of along loading zones. You must park in a parking spot if you are helping unload from the trunk or walking students in and out of school.
  • Front of School: drop off students at the curved red curb, not along parked cars.  Having students weave through cars is a safety hazard.
  • Back of School/Fallingstar: Do not drop off while paused in the driving lane. This is illegal. It also impacts the residents that live off of Fallingstar. Be courteous to one another and our local residents and keep the driving lane a through lane – no loading and unloading. Only cars pulled up at the CURB may unload students. Having students pass between parked cars is a safety hazard.
  • The small round parking lot on Fallingstar is for staff only.  It is not an unloading zone.  
  • Do not drop off your children before 8:00 am.
  • Pick your children up within fifteen minutes after school ends.
  • For parents needing extended care, there is a fee-based onsite option with our Child Development Center (CDC) available 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (949) 559-8388. The Boys and Girls Club on East Yale Loop (949) 551-8214.

Safe Route to Springbrook School

The map below displays safe routes to Springbrook School with entry to front of school on Springbrook North and primary classrooms from Fallingstar.

Click here for printable map with note to parents.

    parking map