Seal Behavior & the IUSD Civility Policy:  We continually teach and review our Seal expectations. Every class will be emphasizing and reinforcing the positive and desired behaviors we seek for the students. Throughout the year we will have a Seal Store and Raffles to reward students who show the three Rs of Seal behavior:

Seal Motto:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Ready

Review these key characteristics with your children.

Springbrook Elementary School-Wide Matrix

Our district and school staff recognize the role parents play in modeling and reinforcing our student expectations. Our district’s Civility Policy encourages, “mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among district employees, parents, and the public … to maintain, to the extent possible and reasonable, a safe, harassment-free workplace for our students and staff.”  Thank you for modeling that behavior and reinforcing Seal behavior while on campus.

Our goal is to recognize 8 times as many positive behaviors as we do negative. Our school staff are committed to reinforcing: Respectful, Responsible and Ready behaviors. These expectations are further defined by settings throughout our school.

Respectful Responsible Ready

Walk quietly down the halls to the restrooms. Wash hands before returning to class. Use a quiet voice when inside the restroom. Give others their privacy while using the restroom.

Leave food outside of restroom. Keep stall doors unlocked when not in use. Walk in and out of restrooms. Flush the toilets when you are finished.

Throw trash in the trash can. Use restrooms during recess and breaks. Know when it is time to use the restroom. Return promptly to class.

Grass Areas/Blacktop
Respectful Responsible Ready

Know where boundaries are and tell others. Take turns and share equipment. Only use equipment from cart. No tackling or tag. Use positive language with others.

Stay away from fence. Stay in sight of supervisor at all times. Immediately report unsafe behavior to an adult. Return the playground equipment to the cart.

Listen for 1st bell to end play and line up with class. Be lined up, and quiet by 2nd bell. Walk directly to your classroom line. Use restroom at beginning of recess.

Respectful Responsible Ready

Treat presenters with respectful attention. Applaud appropriately and have your voices off during assembly. Sit with your class.

Walk when entering and leaving with class. Leave middle walkway open. Remain seated during assembly. Listen for 1st bell to end play and line up with class.

Be lined up, and quiet by 2nd bell. Walk directly to your classroom line. Use restroom at beginning of recess.

Hallways & pods
Respectful Responsible Ready

Quiet voices when working in the pod. Walking only. Enter building/hallways only with teacher permission.

Keep hands off of computers, tables, and projects in the hallways. Clean up after yourself. Push chairs in at tables.

Go directly to your destination. Listen for directions. Return to your classroom when finished.

Play Structure
Respectful Responsible Ready

Wait your turn. Share the playground structure. CLIMBING LADDER and SPIRAL: one person at a time. ALL BARS: to be used with hands only.

Walking in play structure area ONLY. Run on the grass field. Slide is for going down. Follow the playground structure rules.

Count “30 toes” when waiting for swings. Wait behind white painted line. Count on a different person after you get off a swing. Stop swings completely before getting off.

front of school
Respectful Responsible Ready

Wait your turn to go through the front door. Follow the directions of the staff outside. The planter benches are for sitting only.

Wait for your ride by the loading curb. Enter the parking lot at the loading zone only. Load and unload on the right side of the car.

Walk bike/scooter/skateboard on campus. Walk around parking lot not across driveways. Exit your car quickly but safely. Be aware of what is going on around you.

dining area & Cafeteria
Respectful Responsible Ready

Throw your trash away. Form a single file line for the cafeteria. Use a quiet voice in the cafeteria. Respond to staff directions. Wait at tables to be dismissed to your class line.

Eat all food before leaving tables. Eat food in a timely manner. Walk to and from the playground and tables. Food is meant to be eaten, it’s not a toy.

Wait for friends at the lunch tables rather than classroom or cafeteria doors. Walk immediately to the lunch area. Know lunch account number. Have money ready or have money set up in your account.

Donated Reinforcers

If you would like to donate reinforcers for students, we gladly accept your donations. Students like new mini toys/games and gift certificates from various locations such as local businesses, restaurants and frozen yogurt shops. We appreciate your support in locating and collecting these incentives for our Seals. We’d like to pass many out throughout the year!