Parking Lot Etiquette


Our school parking lot and the surrounding streets are very congested at school starting and dismissal times. It is critical to the safety of all that parents adhere to these basic rules:

  • Follow the posted regulations for parking on the streets surrounding the school.
  • When in the parking lot, follow the lanes as marked by the parking signs.
  • The left lane should be moving at all times for driving through the parking lot.
  • Do not leave your car parked in the red zones in the parking lot, this area is only for loading and unloading.
  • Do not jaywalk across Springbrook North. Instead use the crosswalk at the corner of Chenile or Goldenrod.
  • Walk around the parking lot to the sidewalk instead of walking between parked cars.
  • Do not double-park on Falling Star, you may be ticketed by the Irvine Police Department
  • Do not drop off you children before 8:00AM. Pick up your children within fifteen minutes after school ends.
  • PK and Kindergarten parents – plan to park along Springbrook North street for afternoon pick-up on Wednesdays as the entire school is released at the same time on Wednesdays.