Informational Brochure

Please click 2018-2019 Informational Brochure for full text. Below are highlights from the brochure.

Springbrook 2018-2019 Informational Brochure Highlights

The 2017-2018 Springbrook Informational Brochure provides our Springbrook community with topics and guidelines necessary for students and parental involvement. Major topics of the brochure are listed below.

IUSD Vision Statement

To provide the highest quality educational experience we can envision.

Springbrook’s Mission

Our mission at Springbrook is to enable all students to become contributing members of society empowered with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to meet the challenges of a changing world, by providing the highest quality educational experience we can envision.

We expect to develop:

  • Proficient students who are competent in all basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills.
  • Effective communicators who apply skills in speaking, listening, and questioning strategies.
  • Motivated lifelong learners who take pride in all work, strive for excellence, and are accountable for quality performance.
  • Intellectual risk-takers who exhibit a growth mindset and persevere in problem-solving.
  • Positive member of the school community who regularly demonstrate the eight District identified values of respect, responsibility, civic duty, perseverance, cooperation, compassion, courage, honesty.
  • Experienced practitioners who use technology as a tool for assessing and processing information.

School Rules

Students’ behavior is consistent with our SEAL Rs

General School Procedures

Office Hours

The school office is open daily from 7:15 AM to 3:30 PM.

Parent Involvement

We value the support and partnership with our parents. There are numerous opportunities for parental involvement at Springbrook.


General School Procedures

Attendance Procedures

The school maintains an attendance phone line that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The number is (949) 936-6051. Please call this number before 8:00AM to report an absence each day your child is absent.


Educational Equity


Nondiscrimination Statement The Irvine Unified School District is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. District programs and activities, including membership in student clubs, shall be free from discrimination based on race, color, ancestry, nationality, ethnic group identification, age, religion, actual or potential parental, family, or marital status, or the exclusion of any person because of pregnancy or related conditions, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. The District does not discriminate in enrollment in or access to any of the activities and programs available. Admission to these programs is based on age appropriateness, class space, interest, aptitude, and prerequisite coursework where applicable. The lack of English skills shall not be a barrier to admission to or participation in the District’s activities and programs. The Irvine Unified School District also does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices.


Materials, Homework, Instrument, Lunch Drop-offs

When parents need to drop off items for their students, i.e. homework, backpacks, lunches, musical instruments, they may leave them, labeled, in the front office drop-off basket. The front office is unable to contact students regarding dropped off items – students know to check the basket in the office for any dropped off items. Parents are not permitted on campus for the purpose of dropping off items to the classrooms, nor in the playground/lunch area.

Special occasion lunches, treats, balloons, are not permitted during recess and lunch since they cause a disruption to the outside supervision area. Parents may coordinate directly with the classroom teacher to plan for a special event.



Students Board Policy 5145.7 The Board of Education is committed to maintaining a learning environment free from harassment, intimidation or insult, student-to-student or adult-to-student, on the basis of an individual's actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression. Positive action will be taken when necessary to eliminate such practices or remedy their effects. Sexual harassment, as defined and otherwise prohibited by state and federal statutes, constitutes an unlawful form of sex discrimination in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In addition, sexual harassment constitutes violation of the California Education Code, regulations of the State Board of Education, and District Policy. As such, sexual harassment may constitute just cause for discipline pursuant to applicable Education Code Sections. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries and complaints regarding the sexual harassment policy: Springbrook School, Sunny Shen, Principal, 655 Springbrook North, Irvine, CA 92614, (949)936-6050. District Office: Title IX Coordinator – Keith Tuominen, Director, Secondary Education, 5050 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604, (949)936-5047.


Office Hours

The school office is open daily from 7:15AM to 3:30PM.


Tardy Procedures

If your child arrives at school any time after 8: 15 a.m., he/she must report to the front office to sign in and take a tardy pass. Research clearly shows that students who attend school regularly and arrive punctually perform better academically. If your child develops an attendance or tardy problem, you will be notified and we will follow District and State procedures. IUSD operates, in conjunction with the Irvine Police Department and other agencies, a School Attendance Review Board (SARB). This group monitors attendance and tardy patterns and works with schools and parents to improve student attendance. If your student must leave school during the day to attend an appointment, you must sign the child out in the office. When you arrive at school, we will call the classroom to send the child to the office. A sign-out book is maintained in the front office.

Site Programs and Support Services

Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.)

The Gifted and Talented Education program is provided for identified students with exceptional learning abilities in the 4th - 6th grades. The program consists of differentiated assignments, activities and challenge opportunities within the classroom. Learning activities emphasize higher level thinking skills and creativity.


Health Services

A district nurse is on campus about once a week and spends most of their time coordinating medication needs for students, completing required screening in vision and hearing, and maintaining appropriate protocols for students with existing medical needs. We also have a part-time Health Clerk to support students with minor health issues and injuries. For these reasons, it is more important than ever to ask parents to cooperate in keeping your child at home if they are not feeling well. Office staff will assist to the best of our abilities and contact parents to pick up ill children.



Springbrook is fortunate to have a substantial collection of books and other media housed in our Library Media Center. The collection is increased each year through proceeds from Book Fairs, grants, and PTA support. 


Every class visits the Library weekly to learn library skills, enjoy research activities, and check out books. Fines will be charged for lost library books.


English Language Learners (E.L.L.)

Those students at Springbrook whose first language is other than English are eligible to receive assistance as they acquire skills. The program follows a plan developed during conference week with the parent and classroom teacher. Frequently, an instructional assistant is available to assist with student support and instruction.



Springbrook houses an alternative program for the district, an Elementary Montessori. This program is based on Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education and follows the Montessori curriculum, as well as meeting California Content Standards. Enrollment in this program is conducted by lottery from January through March. Contact the school office for more detailed information about enrollment if you are interested in the programs.


Title 1

Title I federal funds are allocated to schools based on economic indicators for the school population. Springbrook has received Title I funds since the 1997- 98 school year. The funds are targeted to specific students whose academic achievement is not proficient based on the CAASPP assessment or district established criteria. Those identified students, with parental permission, receive additional assistance during the school day, after school, and/or during the summer. The instruction is provided by classroom teachers or instructional assistants. Portions of the funds are also used to purchase specific learning materials or staff development to increase teacher competency working with at-risk learners. Parents, staff, and students sign a School Compact to support strong academic growth.


After School Learning Opportunities

Irvine Unified School District, in partnership with the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, and cooperatively with PTA, provides the After Class Enrichment Program (ACE) to interested students. The classes offer a wide range of activities and curriculum, from fine arts, to basic skills. The classes are taught either by Springbrook teachers or other instructors hired by ACE and are available for reasonable fees.


Parent Involvement

We value the support and partnership with our parents. There are numerous opportunities for parental involvement at Springbrook.


Volunteer Sign-in and Visitor Badges

All volunteers, visitors and guests to IUSD sites are required to check in at the school office and wear a visitor badge while on campus. Please sign out when you leave. While this may appear to be an inconvenience, these procedures are for the protection of all students at school.



The time and efforts of our parent volunteers make a significant difference in our students’ educational experience at Springbrook. Volunteers support the school and classroom and work under the direction of Springbrook teachers or staff. The school reserves the right to approve volunteers and assign their responsibilities.


Our first priority as educators is protecting the safety of our students. With that said, we ask that all student information remain confidential. This involves our volunteers not discussing any confidential information, including but not limited to any descriptions of situations as well as names of students. Any breach of confidentiality may result in the termination of volunteer opportunities. Thank you for understanding and supporting our mission of protecting the privacy of your children.


Parent-Teacher Association (P. T. A.)

This group of volunteer parents devotes their time and energy to supporting the entire school by organizing many activities for our families, including some which are specifically fundraisers. Parent education and support is another function of the PTA. In addition to supporting the educational program of the school, the PTA serves as a group to provide informal input to the school staff. All parents are invited to join PTA at the beginning of the school year. The PTA Executive Board is composed of officers elected each spring. There are many committee chairpersons whom also serve. Board meetings are held regularly as are general PTA meetings.


Classroom Volunteers

Classroom teachers appreciate the assistance parents offer to the classroom. Parents are invited by teachers at Back-to-School Night to participate in many different activities. Parents may work directly with students, either individually or in small groups to support the students’ academic activities. Additionally, many parents prefer to complete other clerical tasks for the classroom. Parents may also volunteer to complete work at home.



The time and efforts of our parent volunteers make a significant difference in our students’ educational experience at Springbrook. Volunteers support the school and classroom and work under the direction of Springbrook teachers or staff. The school reserves the right to approve volunteers and assign their responsibilities.


Our first priority as educators is protecting the safety of our students. With that said, we ask that all student information remain confidential. This involves our volunteers not discussing any confidential information, including but not limited to any descriptions of situations as well as names of students. Any breach of confidentiality may result in the termination of volunteer opportunities. Thank you for understanding and supporting our mission of protecting the privacy of your children.


Library Volunteers

Checking out and shelving library books every day is a monumental task. Parents are welcome to assist our Library Clerk. You may contact the Library Clerk directly to schedule this time. Additionally, our Library Clerk maintains a selection of appropriate, library-bound books.


School Site Council (S.S.C.)

The School Site Council is a group of five parents elected by all parents at the beginning of the school year. The five parents and five staff representatives make up the Council. The responsibility of the group is to plan, monitor, and evaluate our School Improvement Plan and oversee the budget allocated by the State for program improvement at Springbrook. SSC meetings are open to the general parent community and the schedule of times is listed in the Principal's Newsletter and on the website.


English Language Advisory Council (E.L.A.C.)

The English Learner Advisory Committee is comprised of parents of students learning English because another language is spoken at home. Like School Site Council members, the parents are elected to serve on this committee. They meet four times a year to examine our efforts to build English language skills among students at school and provide their insight to English Language instruction. When a site lacks parent E.L.A.C. representation, the School Site Council may elect to represent the E.L. interests of the school.


Irvine Public Schools Foundation (I.P.S.F.)

The Irvine Public Schools Foundation has been formed to establish a broad base of financial support for the entire District. The IPSF coordinates such activities as Summer School, Intersession, After-School Enrichment Classes, curricular programs, small class-size support and the instrumental rental program. If you are interested in participating with this organization, you may contact their office at (949) 263-8340. The activities of IPSF are publicized regularly through the local newspapers and school district newsletters.

School Wide Behavioral Expectations


The purpose of a schoolwide positive behavior plan is to teach children to make appropriate choices and accept responsibility for their behaviors. Students need to understand their behaviors have consequences for themselves, as well as others. The goal of our school is to create an environment where students, parents, and staff are continually teaching and modeling the behaviors that will allow ALL students to thrive and succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. This will ensure that they become responsible citizens, life-long learners, and successful contributors to our diverse local and global economy. When parents, teachers, and students work together towards a common goal, it will help students have a positive experience at our school.

Seal Behavior

The rules are character traits and expectations to be modeled and reinforced with all of our students:





In order for students to learn appropriate social behaviors...

  • Adults must consistently model the expected behavior
  • Students must be formally taught the behavior
  • Students must be engaged in learning

Our goal is to recognize 8 times as many positive behaviors as we do negative. Our school staff are committed to reinforcing: Respectful, Responsible and Ready behaviors. These expectations are further defined by settings throughout our school.

Respectful Responsible Ready

Walk quietly down the halls to the restrooms. Wash hands before returning to class. Use a quiet voice when inside the restroom. Give others their privacy while using the restroom.

Leave food outside of restroom. Keep stall doors unlocked when not in use. Walk in and out of restrooms. Flush the toilets when you are finished.

Throw trash in the trash can. Use restrooms during recess and breaks. Know when it is time to use the restroom. Return promptly to class.

Grass Areas/Blacktop
Respectful Responsible Ready

Know where boundaries are and tell others. Take turns and share equipment. Only use equipment from cart. No tackling or tag. Use positive language with others.

Stay away from fence. Stay in sight of supervisor at all times. Immediately report unsafe behavior to an adult. Return the playground equipment to the cart.

Listen for 1st bell to end play and line up with class. Be lined up, and quiet by 2nd bell. Walk directly to your classroom line. Use restroom at beginning of recess.

Respectful Responsible Ready

Treat presenters with respectful attention. Applaud appropriately and have your voices off during assembly. Sit with your class.

Walk when entering and leaving with class. Leave middle walkway open. Remain seated during assembly. Listen for 1st bell to end play and line up with class.

Be lined up, and quiet by 2nd bell. Walk directly to your classroom line. Use restroom at beginning of recess.

Hallways & pods
Respectful Responsible Ready

Quiet voices when working in the pod. Walking only. Enter building/hallways only with teacher permission.

Keep hands off of computers, tables, and projects in the hallways. Clean up after yourself. Push chairs in at tables.

Go directly to your destination. Listen for directions. Return to your classroom when finished.

Play Structure
Respectful Responsible Ready

Wait your turn. Share the playground structure. CLIMBING LADDER and SPIRAL: one person at a time. ALL BARS: to be used with hands only.

Walking in play structure area ONLY. Run on the grass field. Slide is for going down. Follow the playground structure rules.

Count “30 toes” when waiting for swings. Wait behind white painted line. Count on a different person after you get off a swing. Stop swings completely before getting off.

front of school
Respectful Responsible Ready

Wait your turn to go through the front door. Follow the directions of the staff outside. The planter benches are for sitting only.

Wait for your ride by the loading curb. Enter the parking lot at the loading zone only. Load and unload on the right side of the car.

Walk bike/scooter/skateboard on campus. Walk around parking lot not across driveways. Exit your car quickly but safely. Be aware of what is going on around you.

dining area & Cafeteria
Respectful Responsible Ready

Throw your trash away. Form a single file line for the cafeteria. Use a quiet voice in the cafeteria. Respond to staff directions. Wait at tables to be dismissed to your class line.

Eat all food before leaving tables. Eat food in a timely manner. Walk to and from the playground and tables. Food is meant to be eaten, it’s not a toy.

Wait for friends at the lunch tables rather than classroom or cafeteria doors. Walk immediately to the lunch area. Know lunch account number. Have money ready or have money set up in your account.

School Wide Acknowledgement Systems

At Springbrook Elementary, we reinforce school wide expectations by acknowledging appropriate behavior and providing specific feedback to support positive behavior. When we shift our focus to reinforcing what we want to see, we increase the likelihood that we will witness desired behaviors from students. Staff will utilize our acknowledgement system by offering a Seal Ticket when a student is caught using positive Seal Behavior. They are rewarded with a Seal Ticket and the adult will verbalize why the student received the award; i.e. “Thank you for being Respectful”, “Thank you for being Responsible”, “Thank you for being Ready”. Our students will have access to our Seal Store, to purchase items with their Seal Tickets. Additionally, we have developed a process & procedure referral form as a way to gain more understanding into why a student may violate Seal Behavior expectations. This is documented with an Office Discipline Referral (ODR).

Progressive Discipline

Through progressive discipline, administration determines appropriate consequences and/or supports to help students improve their behavior, while taking into account their individual circumstances. The goal is to help prevent inappropriate student behavior from happening again. When schools use progressive discipline, the following should be taken into consideration: the students’ stage of growth and development, the nature and severity of the behavior, the impact of the behavior on the school climate. Within this context, more serious consequences may be considered for inappropriate behavior that escalates or is repeated. Providing students with the opportunity to reflect on their own actions and the impact of these actions is essential to student learning. Administration will consider a range of options to determine the most appropriate way to respond to each situation and help the student learn from his or her choices. We believe behavior occurs in a broader context and can be changed over time. Each decision on discipline is unique for each student. It will depend on the strengths and challenges of that student.

Student Health and Safety

Before and After-School Supervision

The school playground is supervised beginning at 8:00 a.m. on school days. There is also supervision for 15 minutes at the end of the day. Children should not arrive before 8:00 a.m. and should be picked up immediately after school. Students who are not picked up after school will be asked to wait in the front office, and parents will be contacted. Do not allow your children to play on the playground equipment unsupervised and please remain in close proximity to your children.

During the time between primary and upper grade release, students in grades 1-3 who have not been picked up will be sent to the front office and parents will be contacted. They are not permitted to wait unsupervised for older siblings and friends during that window of time.


No Dogs Allowed on Campus

Pet dogs are not permitted on campus. For a variety of health reasons, they are not allowed on public school campuses. Animal Control Services through Irvine Police Department may be called and you may be cited if your pet dog is with you on campus.


Parking Lot Safety

Our school parking lot and the surrounding streets are very congested at starting and dismissal times. It is critical to the safety of all that parents adhere to these basic rules:

  • Follow the posted regulations for parking on the streets surrounding the school.
  • When in the parking lot, follow the lanes as marked by the parking signs.
  • The left lane should be moving at all times for driving through the parking lot.
  • Do not leave your car parked in the red zones in the parking lot, this area is only for loading and unloading.
  • Do not jaywalk across Springbrook North, use the crosswalk at the corner of Chenile or Goldenrod.
  • Walk around the parking lot to the sidewalk instead of walking between parked cars.
  • Do not double-park on Falling Star, you may be ticketed by Irvine Police Department
  • Do not drop off you children before 8:00AM and pick them up within fifteen minutes after school ends.
  • TK and Kindergarten parents – plan to park along Springbrook North street for afternoon pick-up on Wednesdays as the entire school is released at the same time on Wednesdays.

Bicycles and Scooters

The following rules are in place to protect students if a bicycle or scooter is their means of transportation to and from school:

  • Only students in grades 3-6 may ride a bicycle or scooter to school.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times by the rider.
  • Bicycles should be licensed through the Irvine Police Department.
  • A lock must be used to secure bicycles and scooters to the racks. The racks are not supervised.
  • The school assumes no responsibility nor liability for any damage to, or loss of, bicycles and scooters.

Additionally, skateboards, in-line skates, or shoes with wheels are not allowed on school grounds nor as a means of transportation to school.


Dress Code

Springbrook School students must wear clothing that is clean, in good repair, school appropriate and comfortable. Clothing and other items that students wear to school must not disrupt the educational process nor create any form of school disturbance. Generally, students are not to wear clothing that compromises safety or modesty. Hats and hoods are not permitted to be worn indoors at Springbrook. Make-up is not appropriate for the school setting.

Clothing must be safe and modest:

  • Pants or shorts must be the proper size and fit securely at the waist.
  • Shoes must be close-toed and worn at all times.
  • Spaghetti straps and midriffs cannot be worn.
  • Clothes cannot contain offensive signs, or words degrading any gender, cultural, religious, or ethnic values.
  • Clothes cannot contain language or symbols oriented toward violence, obscenities, vandalism, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • Unsafe items such as chains or safety pins cannot be worn.

Springbrook students should dress appropriately and consistently with our school's dress code.


Medication at School

For the safety of all, there are several legal requirements that must be followed if your child requires medication during the school day. Unless all steps have been completed, we may not administer any medication at school. These rules apply to all medications - prescription and non-prescription.

  • The parent must sign a consent form for the administration of the medication. All forms are available in the school office.
  • The physician also must sign a similar form.
  • The medication must be in the original pharmacy container, labeled by the pharmacist. Parents must deliver the medication to the school office. Never send medication of any kind to school with your child.
  • Once at school, the medication is stored in a locked cupboard in the health office and administered by the office staff.

Student Accident Insurance

Irvine Unified School District makes available to parents a low cost accident insurance for children. Forms are distributed to parents the first week of school. Additional forms are available throughout the year in the office.


Lost and Found

We maintain a couple of coat racks and bins to temporarily store lost items at school. A rack and bin is located in both the primary and upper grade pods. Unclaimed clothing is periodically donated to charity throughout the course of the  year. We urge parents to label every article sent to school so that items may be returned to the owner. Please keep expensive and sentimental items at home. Cameras, cell phones, and other valuables are discouraged at school except in special circumstance. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Emergency Preparedness

We schedule regular drills to teach children appropriate safety actions in the event of an emergency. Students are taught to evacuate the building when the fire alarms rings and to "duck, cover, and hold" to protect themselves in other emergencies, such as an earthquake. The school is equipped with First Aid supplies and Search & Rescue supplies, many of which have been purchased by PTA. In addition, many staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid and have specific responsibilities in the event of an emergency. In the event that students are to be released from school, access to students will be controlled until we have accounted for each child. Parents must meet the office staff and request their child then sign out according to procedures. Our school is fully prepared to deal with a major emergency and to provide for the physical and emotional needs of students and their orderly and safe release. In the event of an emergency, we will use our automated phone system to reach you. Please make sure your phone contacts are up-to-date in our system.


On-Site Childcare Services

Child Development Center (CDC) provides before and afterschool childcare on our campus for parents in need of such services. Their hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. You may contact their office at (949) 559-8388 to obtain enrollment information.


Telephone Usage by Students

Each classroom has an outside telephone line. Students are not to use the classroom phone, or the office phones, without the permission of an adult. We do not allow students to make non-urgent calls (i.e. "Can I go to my friend's house after school?). Students may have a cell phone, turned off, and put away during school hours. In addition we strive to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum and are not able to deliver non-urgent messages to classrooms. Please make certain your child is aware of afterschool plans before arriving at school for the day. If a student is found using their cell phone during the school day, the teacher or supervising staff will confiscate the phone until the end of the day. On the second infraction, the principal will confiscate the phone until the end of the day, at which time the parent will need to come pick up the device. These rules are in place to protect the privacy of other students.


Visitors to School

If you are coming to school to volunteer, or attend a meeting, or for a scheduled appointment, please sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor’s sticker. Please sign out when you leave. While this may appear to be an inconvenience, these procedures are for the protection of all students at school.


Lunch Procedures and Food at School

A hot lunch is served at school daily for a cost of $3.25 (includes milk). A monthly menu is available on-line through the link on our school’s webpage and also in the school office. IUSD utilizes a lunch account system through My School Bucks. Parents can either send in a check for deposit or make an online deposit. This eliminates the need for students to carry cash, making service quicker for students. At the beginning of each year, the office sends home forms for families to apply for a free or reduced lunch to qualifying families. The forms are also available in the office throughout the year. If your child forgets his/her lunch, they are able to ‘charge’ two lunches to their account; the cost for these lunches will be deducted upon the next deposit. If you drop off a forgotten lunch during the school day, class will not be interrupted to deliver the lunch. The student may stop by the office at the beginning of their lunch recess and pick up their lunch from the lunch basket.Students may also carry a small snack for the morning recess.

Reporting to Parents

The district maintains a secure website that allows parents to log on with a password and check the student’s attendance, report cards, and emergency contact information. Parents are encouraged to log onto the website and update emergency contact information as it changes. Access codes and passwords are mailed from the district office; you are also able to retrieve that information from our front office.


Parent Conferences

These meetings are scheduled two times during the year, in the fall and spring. The fall conference is to review early progress and to develop goals for the student for the year. The second conference is optional and serves as follow up when necessary. Teachers and the principal are always available to schedule an individual meeting to discuss a concern or issue.


Back-to-School Night

During the first month of school, we schedule a formal evening meeting for the teacher to present the curriculum, policies, and procedures for the year. This night is designed for parents only and the staff will present general classroom information; teachers are not expected to discuss specific student progress.


Conduits and Newsletters

Each Thursday, parents receive a large manila envelope with important school information. This envelope is to be emptied, the contents reviewed by parents and the envelope is to be signed and returned to school on Friday with any forms that are due back the following day. We also send out regular email newsletters. Please keep your email address current with the office or through


E-Mail and Voice Mail

Teachers and the principal are available to answer parent questions at any time and may be contacted through both voice mail and an e-mail message. Those contact numbers and addresses are made available at the beginning of the school year and are also on the school’s website.


Homework Policies

Message Points for Elementary Students: Do your best. Ask questions when you don’t understand how to complete the homework. Ask questions when you don’t understand the purpose of the homework. When you are completing a homework assignment, try to focus just on that assignment. Share your learning with your parents and your teachers.

Message Points for Parents/Guardians:

  • Homework should provide opportunities for students to practice, adapt and shape what they have learned.
  • Homework should provide clear instructional objectives.
  • Homework should be meaningful and contribute to lifelong learning.
  • Homework load should allow for inclusion of other activities and balance.
  • Homework should be done independently with appropriate assistance from parents or peers unless explicitly directed otherwise by teacher.
  • Homework should empower children to become independent learners.

We encourage parents to:

  • Establish a time and place that enables your child to focus solely on homework.
  • Communicate concerns and/or questions directly to the teacher in a positive, proactive way to establish an effective home to school partnership.
  • Help your child make reasonable, balanced, and responsible course choices.
  • Monitor and support student homework time.

  • Recognize that each student learns differently.

  • Discuss with your child how to limit, during homework time, the use of social networking sites, games, and other technological distractions.

Progress Reports

Students in the fourth through sixth grades receive a progress report midway through each trimester to indicate satisfactory or unsatisfactory progress. These progress reports are signed by the parent and returned to school.


Report Cards

These are issued three times per year to all students online. The card indicates achievement and progress toward content standards.